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Monday, 6 October 2008

Training programme to teach German in schools

Goethe Institute, Chennai, offers a five months German study programme for German language teachers. On completion of the training the participants will be qualified to teach in schools. This new course that combines German language learning and also teaching methodology, is part of the global initiative of the Goethe Institute called “Schools: partners for the future”. With a goal to build up a world wide network of at least 1000 partner schools through which to awaken young people’s interest in and enthusiasm for modern day Germany and German society.

Rebecca Rashid, project coordinator, for this project in Goethe Institute, Chennai, says that the schools in Chennai offering German as second language will be strengthened and extended. The initiative plans to support many schools with a broad range of services. “By providing additional courses, the initiative will help both the students and the teachers to acquire training with a long-term impact. The initiative will thus extend young student’s skills, prepare them for study in Germany and a subsequently career,” Ms. Rashid notes.

The main focus of this project is to support the member schools in developing or revamping German as a school subject.

“To our partner schools we offer modern multi-media learning materials and back ground study material, as well as technical tools if necessary and also assist the schools in ensuring high quality German language studies through additional training,” she adds. “Schools: partners for the future” provides an opportunity for the school students at an early stage to get acquainted with the German language and culture, says Ms. Rashid, adding that it will be of great help to those students who are keen on seeking admission in any of the German universities.

The German language teachers training to be offered by the Goethe Institute begins on October 13, 2008. “Our teaching programme is well-structured. It provides a 360 degree learning experience for the participants. They will learn three levels of German (A1 to B1) and also the teaching methodology. The course will focus on teaching methodology, writing, listening, reading, speaking, classroom observation (during field visits), intercultural skills and country and people,” informs Ms. Rashid. “Upon completion of the course, the best students will get placement assistance. The course in not only open to youngsters, but also for women who have taken a break in their career due to various reasons and also retired teachers who are looking for other career options,” she says.

The course will be conducted from Monday to Friday, 3.15 to 7. 30 p.m. and the course fee is Rs. 25,000. Participants need to take the B1 examination at the end of the course.

For more details, contact: Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan),

No 4, Rutland Gate 5th Street, Nungambakkam.

Phone: 28331314/28332343.



Source : The Hindu

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