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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

For the first time ever in India – a unique two-day International Training Programme - 1st Oct 2008

Garrad Hassan, working in association with WISE (World Institute of Sustainable Energy), will be presenting two days of training in Chennai on 27-28 November, after the Wind India 2008 conference. The course will cover Wind Farm development and financing.

Registration is on first come, first serve basis for limited participants, and the last date for registration is 20 November. For more details about the training programme log on to or write to

The course will be presented by: Dr. Andrew Garrad (CEO and Founder of Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd); Richard Whiting (Team Leader, Energy and Development Services, Asia within Garrad Hassan); Jeremy Parkes (Team Leader, GH Forecasting Services) and Frederico Tilman (Wind Resource and GH WindFarmer expert)

ABOUT WISE: The World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE), Pune, India is a not-for-profit organization set up in June 2004, with the primary objective of promoting sustainable energy, energy conservation, and sustainable development. In particular, the institution is committed towards addressing the shortcomings existing in the renewable energy sector in India, viz. lack of policy support and incentives, lack of legislative and research support, lack of qualified manpower, and lack of critical awareness that would lead to the transition to a sustainable energy-based economy. WISE has recently drafted a model draft renewable energy law for India and is advocating its adoption by Parliament. The activities of WISE thus aim to provide a major impetus to the development of the renewable energy sector in all Indian states.

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