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Thursday, 11 September 2008

LM Glasfiber establishes R&D office at Risø DTU

In October LM Glasfiber is establishing an office at Risø DTU to strengthen cooperation with scientists from the Materials Research Department and the Wind Energy Department. The objective of the cooperation is to develop blades and methods of production thereby making wind energy more competitive.

LM Glasfiber and Risø have been working together for several years. Earlier this year we launched another major cooperation project, Blade King, which also involves Aalborg University and Comfil Aps.

Now LM Glasfiber is moving closer to Risø DTU as they establish an R&D office at Risø on 1 October. By the middle of 2009 it is scheduled to employ about 10 scientists specialized in advanced materials technology and aerodynamics. They are going to work on ongoing projects and new initiatives within material research with a group of people from the Materials Research Department headed by Povl Brøndsted .

Furthermore they will work on aerodynamic efficiency in cooperation with people from the Wind Energy Department headed by Flemming Rasmussen and Peter Hjuler.

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