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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

From RISO : New network to turn waste into gold


Risø DTU will launch a new network in October that brings companies and scientists together focusing on biological waste.

Can waste turn into gold? Yes, perhaps, if you put different people together and make them think jointly. This is the philosophy behind an initiative taken by Risø DTU. The companies that produce biological waste are invited to join a network of scientists. The waste that may be a problem to the companies, offers high potential seen from the scientists’ point of view.

The companies may be food producers of all kinds - slaughterhouses, breweries, bread producers and farmers.

- It is expensive to dispose of biological waste products. Large amounts of waste can actually damage the company’s image. That is how things work in the business community. But if you ask the scientists, they will say that biological waste is equivalent to resources, explains Louise Georgi.

Different approaches to deal with the problem
The network participants might be companies who want to dispose of waste or companies who receive waste. The scientists in the network will come from the Technical University of Denmark, which is leading in Denmark in fields such as biofuels, materials technology and recycling.

The network meetings are to begin next month and the participating companies must present at least one specific waste problem which needs a solution.

The participants will only meet four times in the network
- It has to be dynamic and specific, but afterwards the participants can choose to go ahead with other projects if they are enthusiastic about it. This is what is most important. The enthusiasm of the participants, says Louise Georgi.

Many companies have shown their interest and they are now welcome to register to join the network. If you are interested in joining the network, please contact Louise Georgi / mobile: 4095 4531.

Source : RISO

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