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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Lars Martiny is new head of the Radiation Research Division at Risø DTU

Lars Martiny is 40 years old. Since 2004 he has been employed at Risø DTU as head of programme of the Hevesy Laboratory, a facility inaugurated in 2005 with the aim of development and production of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Radiation Research Division is Denmark’s research centre on nuclear technology. The division is focusing its activities in three major research programs covering radioecology, radiopharmaceutical research and development as well as radiation physics with a focus on dosimetry.

The division has several commercial activities. In the Hevesy laboratory, select radiopharmaceuticals are produced and sold to Danish hospitals for diagnostics and treatment. The major commercial activity is the development and sale of the so-called OSL reader, where optically stimulated luminescence in the OSL reader determines the amount of radiation received by an object, a measurement that can be used for dating the object.

Lars Martiny has a PhD in organic chemistry and began his career in 1997 at Rigshospitalet, at the PET and cyclotron ward. In 2000 he became head of department at Novo Nordisk in the isotope chemistry department. Subsequently he has worked purposefully to develop his management skills. In 2005 he completed his E-MBA from Scandinavian International Management Institute with a Master assignment that focuses on how research institutions can increase efficiency through knowledge sharing.

Source : RISO

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