Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Books for Clean & Green Life / World...

Dear Green Lovers,

We all knew that books are equal to our friends.

Someboday told me that "one good book is equal to more than 100 good friends.... " in my childhood days. I realized many times in my own experience. I hope you too have at least one such experience. Why I'm talking about good books today... yes you are correct... just I want to introduce you the one more site from TERI (The Energy & Resource Institute) which give us more information about the Books on Clean & Green Life / World ...

This link will be more helpful for all of you.

Why don't we start giving Clean & Green books as a gift to our friends on memorable occasions ?

As a green lovers I hope you do adopt this habit from now.

R. Mahendran

"Let we make Clean & Green World"

For More Clean & Green World info visit

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