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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Oil workers, Petrobras enter strike talks

BRAZIL: Brazilian oil workers and state oil company Petrobras began talks on Wednesday toward

ending a three-day-old strike, a union official said. Negotiations started in the afternoon after the

company met a workers` demand and ferry them home from the offshore rigs, said Glauber Barreto,

a spokesman, which represents oil workers in the Campos Basin. The region is the source of 80

per cent of Brazil`s oil production.

"They are still talking and no one knows when they will end," Barreto said. Petroleo Brasileiro SA

confirmed talks had begun. The oil workers launched a five-day strike on Monday to demand an

extra day off for every two-week shift they work on the platforms, noting it takes a full day off to

get to the platform and another to get back.

Brazilian refinery workers are planning a two-day work slowdown for Thursday and Friday to

support their offshore colleagues and demand a greater share of company profits. Most other

Petrobras workers are set to launch a larger, general strike for improved working conditions and

profit sharing on August 5, according to National Oil Workers Federation spokeswoman Alessandra Morteira. Courtesy:Economic Times


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