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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Did You?

Today morning I was got surprised by two aged persons and their activities. I hope this may give us good insight to the today's society

I can say their age may around 70s. I may not be noticed them if their quarrel not disturbed my early morning peaceful mind. I never mind about their concern topics. But the way they are abusing each other really made me feel bad. Even I crossed that place within few seconds that incident till now obsessing my mind. That is because of following reasons...

1. I never seen people with so much anger in that age.
2. Earlier in the morning how people get this kind of mindset?
3. Around 70s they should be an role model to the world... but... what they are doing....?
4. Abusing itself not acceptable.. they are questioning about their birth?

These all and more things come in my mind just after experiencing those moments...

But the picture is different...when I'm looking those moments in deeper level...

Following things ignited my minds...

One of them working as a watchman and other as a milkman
(at this age they have to take rest and they have to get care from their family. I don't know which brought them to this situations)

Who is responsible for this? Only their family or society have any role?

How can I expect all those responsible characters from them?

This is one of incident happened in my life.... I well aware that I have to see many more?!

You might be seen many like this... You also questioned / wondered about those moment....

I hope you also did deeper level analysis... did you?

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