Monday, 4 August 2008

Madhya Pradesh proposes jatropha cultivation

GWALIOR: Move over dacoits and bandits. The rugged Chambal Valley in Madhya Pradesh

is being seen as a future energy hub. If the Madhya Pradesh government’s plan to lease

out wasteland to corporate India for cultivation of jatropha gets a positive response,

Chambal is all set to turn into an alternative energy hotspot.

With the Madhya Pradesh government getting its act together to weed out criminals in

the area and killing over 50 dacoits, including dreaded gangster Jagjivan Parihar in the

last one year, many private companies have now shown an interest in the cultivation of

jatropha, a bio-diesel plant, in the Chambal Valley.

On the dacoit menace in the area, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

stressed that Chambal would no longer be known for bandits and criminal activities. “Most

of the infamous dacoits of the area have been eliminated. It’s time to convert Chambal

into a future energy hub. I am glad that several private companies have shown interest in
developing the area and cultivating jatropha under our wasteland development policy,” he
said. Courtesy:Economic Times


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